Compliments from the Ravelingen staff..

We received a very nice compliment Monday morning in Ravelingen from the event manager and the staff : the personel of the hotel told me that all guests of the Taekwon-Do group were so friendly, correct & polite! Well, that's one of the reasons I'm so proud being part of this ITF family!

Sabum Annick Van Driessche


Pictures from the 88th IIC

All pictures can be found at the following link..  I hope you enjoy them!
Would there be any problem with the pictures, do not hesitate to contact us

Closing words from the ITF Belgium president sabum Annick Van Driessche

So we just finished this 88th IIC.

It was great, and it really was an honour welcoming all of you in Belgium.

Now we've hosted the 8th, the 28th and the 88th International Instructors Courses.

GM Bos and GM Lan are on their way back home, GM Marano will still be in Belgium for one more day. Also some of the participants will only leave tomorrow. We can all have a relaxing evening together.

Many thanks to the OC and crew, many thanks to the sponsors Syntech Nutrition and FROS.

Congratulations to the 15 persons that were doing their grading today.

 Have a safe trip back home, and see you soon on one of the next ITF activities.


Day 2 of the IIC concluded..

Day 2 of the IIC has come to an end with the closing ceremony.
The pictures are online at the same link as yesterday, please click here.

Tomorrow morning we will have the Kids Development Program conducted by master Donato Nardizzi 8th degree at the Raveling sports hall at the -1 level next to the swimming pool.  No dobok needed..

At the same time we will have promotion examinations for I°-III° degree and from IV°-VIII° degree both in the venue Oosthinder at the 4th floor section D.


Certificates, pictures and gradings

The participation certificates from the IIC and the group pictures with the Technical Committee will be taken on Saturday afternoon.

The gradings on Sunday will be taken at the venue "Oosthinder", elevator D 4th floor in Ravelingen.
The venue will be split in two, one part for I°-III°degree and one for IV°degree and higher.

Pictures from the IIC - First day - Friday

The pictures can be found and downloaded at the following link: Pictures 88th IIC Oostende Belgium


Departure times for the coastal tram

For online information about the coastal tram routes and timing, please visit the following link (in Dutch).

You go from city "Oostende" to city "Oostende"

The stop at our hotel is "Ravelingen" and the destination is "Koninginnelaan" which is about 500m away from the IIC's venue "Koninklijke Stallen" (Royal Stables), which is a wooden construction.

Please be on time, the latest at 8:30 ready in dobok inside the venue!!